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  • Ray Berryman
    Ray Berryman

    9275 7791

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Valuation & Professional Services

The valuation and advisory division at Fitzroys comprises a team of highly experienced, motivated and qualified professionals equipped to provide the best possible advice. Our broad range of clients includes listed and unlisted companies and property trusts, financial institutions, syndicates, developers, government agencies and private entities.

We have a strong track record in securing high quality outcomes for clients in statutory valuations and compensation. We are also members of the valuation panels of the major financial institutions and our expertise is recognized throughout the property industry.

Geographic Scope
  • Central Business District
  • Southbank, Docklands & St Kilda Rd
  • Suburban Melbourne
  • Regional & Interstae Assignments
Property Types
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Specialised Properties
  • Residential
Valuation and advice for
  • Rating & Land Tax valuations & objections
  • Market Rental Submissions and determinations
  • Mortgage Security
  • Project Finance
  • Building Insurance
  • Strategic Advice
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  • Ray Berryman
    Ray Berryman

    9275 7791

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