Fitzroys is an innovative, multi-faceted property agency with a history of service and performance.

Through our capacity to provide astute advice and consistently achieve high quality outcomes, we have secured a respected position within the Australian retail, commercial and industrial property industry. While our headquarters are in Melbourne, we continue to represent clients on assignments throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on maximising each client’s position through effective strategies for property sale or acquisition, proactive asset management and the delivery of strategic property and valuation advice that is all-encompassing.

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The key advantage of engaging Fitzroys is that the company is owned by our directors and therefore has an overriding commitment to building enduring relationships. The directors are, and will remain, a constant point of contact for existing and new clients. Our professional staff, from whom tomorrow’s principals of Fitzroys will be drawn, are equally committed to providing a level of service and market-honed advice that clients can truly rely on.

Attention to detail, perseverance and proactive strategies are the hallmarks of our services. Across the broad range of assignments entrusted to us by both long-standing and recent clients alike, professional execution and optimum results remain the primary objectives of our business.

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