Others see maintaining the status quo; we take the opportunity to manage value, to understand the needs of stakeholders and to generate confidence.

Our unrivalled experience of Melbourne will keep you safe, your property secure and enhance value now and in the future.

Traditional Owners Corporation management focuses largely on process and administration often at the expense of effective building management. The management of complex multiple owner corporations comprising of a mixture of uses, calls for the unique skill set that Fitzroys brings to this challenging area of real estate. At Fitzroys we apply our Asset Management expertise to the management of Owners Corporations and as a result we have quickly grown to be one of the largest Owners Corporation Managers in Melbourne.

Services include:

  • Preparation of budgets and collection of fees
  • Administration of maintenance plan
  • Administering meetings, preparation of minutes and actioning resolutions
  • Building management
  • Issuing certificates and ensuring statutory compliance
  • Arranging insurances and service contracts